Increasing Efficiency with Info.Post select

Info.Post select opens Austria's most prestigious doors.

With Info.Post select direct mail, Austrian Post has developed an unprecedented form of direct mail that scores high with potential customers.

Info.Post mailings are partially addressed items, which do not include the name of a specific person, but the postal address of a specific building where people with specific interests live. This approach allows you to select your target group in accordance with your requirements and to address the right people directly. A manufacturer of lawn mowers planning on sending out a new catalogue will, for example, define his target group as "gardeners". All that limits you is your imagination.

With Info.Select, you no longer have to distribute your promotional material in large areas or purchase inserts in high-circulation print media. You can target your promotional message to specific buildings and their residents instead. This will not only considerably decrease your advertising expenses, but it will also increase your response rate, thanks to the significantly higher hit rate you will reach with your campaign.

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