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Mail Room Certification

Upon request, Austrian Post will deliver your daily incoming mail in the morning at a pre-arranged time and/or pick up your outgoing mail at a pre-arranged time. This service allows you to adapt your internal processes to the collection and delivery times of your choice.

Let Austrian Post assist your in-house mail room operations, either by taking care of specific processes or by entrusting all mail handling activities to our experts. Use this service to focus on your core business!

Our Mail Room Certification programme is designed to provide objective information about your mail room's performance. It will help you discover unused potential in your mail handling processes and make your services more transparent.

Mail Room Benchmark Programme

Scanning & Digitisation

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Take your mail room to the next level with our mail room benchmark programme. See how your internal processes measure up!

Use our "Digital Mail Room" service for highly convenient and swift mail delivery. Austrian Post digitises your incoming mail on the day of receipt and makes it available to previously defined recipients within your company. It’s quick and safe.

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