Letter Mail Production.


Use our letter mail production services to systemize your mail-related activities. Producing and mailing high volumes of corporate letter mail items takes up a lot of time and resources. Medium-sized and large enterprises facing this problem appreciate Austrian Post's integrated solutions for document preparation, tracking and distribution as well as the production of innovative printed matter for a large variety of industries.

Data management

The first step in this workflow is the transmission of the client's data to a server, using a secure data transmission method (dedicated line, FTP, ISDN etc.) Austrian Post systems experts can process both raw data and printable data. All incoming files are revised in a layout program as needed. Data conversion and data preparation is the next step in the process. Quality assurance and data processing elements, e.g., postage optimization etc., are included into the data stream.All items receive a data matrix code, which is placed in the address field. Thanks to this code, our quality management system will be able to read all items. It also ensures that production is carried out to 100%.   Closed Loop   Every single step in the production process of your corporate letter mail items will be 100% transparent for you. One of many available options is that you can use your PC to check the production status of your items at any time.

White Space Management

Traditionally, people pay more attention to invoices or bank account statements than to advertising material because the former are regarded as being more important. White Space Management capitalizes on this effect, attracting recipients' attention to advertising messages placed in blank areas and using it for informational purposes.

Promotional printing

After your data has been adapted to suit your needs, it’s production time! Your items will be personalized and printed (in colour or in black and white), folded, inserted into envelopes and, if desired, inserts of your choice will be included. To personalize your corporate letter mail items, choose from the following options: product pictures, pictures of people, lettering on pictures, signatures, labels as well as special additional elements and graphical elements. High-performance printers are used to personalize your letter mail items. Several printing techniques, e.g., single sheet printing or continuous printing, are available and will be selected based on maximum cost-efficiency.

Envelope stuffing

When it comes to the final step of the process - i.e., envelope stuffing - you also have a lot of options to choose from: Austrian Post has envelope types, paper types and gramages for all purposes. If we do not have what you are looking for, we will be happy to produce envelopes according to your specific requirements (e.g., with several windows, foil envelopes etc.). After all desired information has been printed on your envelopes, your inserts are either inserted automatically or manually. Inserts are grouped, folded, inserted into envelopes in one single step.   The last step of the process is detailed quality assurance to ensure that each and every single document has been sent out. To make sure that this is the case, every finished item is once again read by a machine and weighed, if needed. In addition to traditional production outsourcing, our extensive range of document services also includes print outsourcing services. This allows you to outsource all your printing activities to Austrian Post.