Austrian Post's Stamp Subscriptions

Stamps with diverse motifs

Subscriptions are the easiest way to collect all new stamps issued by Austrian Post. Choose from three convenient options.



Option 1: Fixed price subscription

Choose this option to receive all new issues at a fixed price, independently of the actual face value of the stamps. These subscriptions are available for a one-year period (2013) or for a two-year period (2013 and 2014).

  • Fixed price subscriptions are shipped quarterly (depending on the date of your order, previous stamps will be mailed in batch)
  • Stamps are available cancelled or in mint condition
  • Fixed price for all subscriptions made on or before December 31, 2013.

One-year fixed price subscription 2013: price per quarter EUR 13, yearly rate EUR 52 (for one subscription).
One-year fixed price subscription plus 2013: fixed price plus the face value of definitive stamps

Two-year fixed price subscription 2013 and 2014: price per quarter EUR 12.50, yearly rate EUR 50 (for one subscription).
Two-year fixed price subscription plus 2013 and 2014: fixed price plus the face value of definitive stamps

Our bonus for one-year and two-year subscriptions: all subscribers receive a free bonus of their choice, which will be mailed to them free of charge.

Option 2 : Standard subscription

Our standard subscription includes all four themed subscriptions, i.e. all newly released special-issue stamps in a given year (approximately 60 stamps per year). The price depends on the face value of the stamps. On average, you can expect to pay EUR 60 per year. Our Standard Subscription “Plus”: Optionally, you may add all definitive stamps (sets, coil stamps etc.) to this subscription.

Option 3: Themed subscription

Includes all special-issue stamps.

Depending on the number of special-issue stamps, subscriptions cost between EUR 10 and EUR 20 per year.

History subscription: history, religion, society, traditions, events, youth
Art subscription: art, culture, architecture, theatre, literature
Nature subscription: nature, sports, landmarks, environment, health, medicine
Technology subscription: technology, business, science, industry, transport, money

Themed subscription "Plus":
Optionally, you may add all definitive stamps (sets, coil stamps etc.) to this subscription.

Our shipping options:

Quarterly shipping: every three months, you will receive a shipment with the latest issues of the quarter.
Semi-annual shipping: shipment will include all new issues of the six months in question.

Subscription benefits

  • Safe and convenient
    You will automatically receive all new issues. Even in the case of limited and therefore highly coveted editions, we will always reserve the required number of stamps for our subscribers.
  • Exclusive special-issue stamp for subscribers
    Every year, Austrian Post issues a unique stamp exclusively for subscribers. It is not available for public purchase and therefore has a high collector’s value.
  • Comprehensive information in our magazines
    All subscribers receive the internationally renowned professional journal "Die Briefmarke" ("The Stamp"), which is sent to you free of charge along with “Album”, our customer magazine.
  • Christkindl greeting card:
    Every year for Christmas, you will receive a Christmas greeting card from Austrian Post with the special postmark from our postal branch in Christkindl.
  • Loyalty pays off
    Exclusive gifts for customer loyalty are an additional plus.