Distribution Plan Optimization

Small changes to the weight can help you save on postage, especially if you are sending large volumes of mail. Your customer advisor will be happy to provide information about postage-saving options and how to obtain discount rates.

With the help of geomarketing data, your customer advisor will create a distribution plan adapted exactly to your needs.

Info.Post unaddressed direct mail with geomarketing

Use Info.Post unaddressed direct mail to reach a large number of potential customers. We rely on geomarketing to optimise Info.Post distribution plans with regard to different criteria. This system is based on a database which correlates geographical data, e.g., delivery districts and postcode areas, to sociodemographic (age, marital status) and socioeconomic characteristics (e.g., purchasing power), analyzes these connections and depicts them graphically.

Target groups are defined on the basis of your criteria. Areas whose population matches the required characteristics above average will be selected. No matter if you are addressing a specified target group by sending out brochures, flyers, invitations, coupons, samples or catalogues, choose Info.Post unaddressed direct mail for geomarketing with excellent service.

Info.Post with geomarketing will ensure that your advertising mail is delivered to those areas where you will be sure to reach your target groups. In a nutshell: you will send out your mail only to those areas that are worth your while.