Geomarketing, our innovative planning tool, is excellent for those who would like to send out direct mailings without wastage.

With geomarketing, you can adapt the distribution of unaddressed direct mailings to the target groups of your choice.

Simply define your target groups by using criteria such as age, purchasing power or geographical criteria, and we will select those delivery areas or localities whose population best matches your target group.

This system is based on a database which correlates geographical data, e.g., delivery areas and postcode areas, to sociodemographic (age, marital status) and socioeconomic characteristics (e.g., purchasing power) and analyzes these connections.

The advantages speak for themselves:

  • Higher response rates
  • Lower wastage
  • Decreased expenses due to lower print runs and less postage 
  • Available in the entire country
  • Data material is updated periodically


Geomarketing - areas of use:

Whether you would like to address a specific target group or all people living in the vicinity of your store, Geomarketing makes it happen:

Target group distribution plan

You have the option of defining delivery areas by choosing from approx. 40 different criteria, including age, gender, number of children, education or economic characteristics including purchasing power per area, household or person. Our Geomarketing software will then select those delivery areas whose households match your criteria to the greatest possible extent.

Branch distribution plan

All we need is a list of your company branches for our software to create a distribution plan for every one of these branches. Select a radius of your choice around each branch, which will determine the number of addressees. As a matter of course, you can add target group-specific criteria to further define your branch distribution plan.

Customized selection

Geomarketing gives you the flexibility to address new situations as they arise: new competitors, traffic hubs, distribution along certain streets, selection of specific delivery areas (e.g., around a certain address), customized delimitation of distribution area etc.