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Increasing Efficiency

Info.Post select opens Austria's most prestigious doors.

With Info.Post select direct mail, Austrian Post has developed an unprecedented form of direct mail that scores high with potential customers.

Info.Post mailings are partially addressed items, which do not include the name of a specific person, but the postal address of a specific building where people with specific interests live. This approach allows you to select your target group in accordance with your requirements and to address the right people directly. A manufacturer of lawn mowers planning on sending out a new catalogue will, for example, define his target group as "gardeners". All that limits you is your imagination.

With Info.Select, you no longer have to distribute your promotional material in large areas or purchase inserts in high-circulation print media. You can target your promotional message to specific buildings and their residents instead. This will not only considerably decrease your advertising expenses, but it will also increase your response rate, thanks to the significantly higher hit rate you will reach with your campaign.

More Info.Post select advantages:  
  • Pinpointed distribution instead of widespread distribution
  • Addresses selected exactly in accordance with your specifications
  • Ensures high hit rates
  • Addresses recipients directly
  • Smaller amount of items needed results in higher savings
  • Lower postage thanks to partial addressing
  • Ideal advertising strategy
  • Higher response rates than for unaddressed advertising mail and magazine inserts
  • Ideal for customer acquisition

Which target groups can you reach with Info.Post select?

Based on your requirements and specifications, we will select the right addresses from a total of 1.3 million buildings and 2.7 million households. Whether it is sports, fashion, technology, culture or whatever comes to your mind - just tell us and we will ensure that your advertising message reaches the right audience.

All recipients of a specific Info.Post select item have something in common. This may be their age, their occupation, their purchasing habits or their attitude towards life. Thanks to this selection, your advertising message is very well positioned to get the right people's interest at the right time and at the right place.

Which items are eligible for delivery as Info.Post select?

Info.Post select is an excellent choice for mailing promotional letters, postcards, greeting cards, invitations, coupons, brochures, catalogues and especially samples.

All items need to be identical regarding both their content and their physical appearance (including dimensions and weight). The only permitted distinctions are consecutively numbered items such as lottery tickets.

Invoices, valuables as well as data carriers and documents containing personal data may not be sent as Info.Post select items.

Furthermore, items that do not comply with statutory regulations, are not compatible with Austrian Post's processing technology or contain harmful substances may not be sent as Info.Post select items either.